I'm passionate. I'm creative. I love what I do.
Thinker. Doer. Designer.

My name is John Yan I am both a product and graphic designer. I have been working in the design field for more then 14 years. A significant part of my design experience has been working in the sporting goods industry. My biggest three passions in life are design, photography and sports. I currently work as the Art Director and Apparel Product Manager at H.O. Sports in their world headquarter in Snoqualmie Washington.

I’m a creator with a huge passion for crafting beautiful, engaging graphics and products. I believe in finding inspiration in everything I touch, see and feel. Each day I rediscover the world with fresh insight and senses. Our sense of sight engage and connects us with the world, I try take it a step further and see more than what meets the eye and connect my interpretation of the world through my designs. When I look around, I see ways to improve the products and images that surround our lives and ways to enhance both the experiences they create and the impressions they leave behind.

Creative Experience

Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Product Design & Development
Branding & Identity
Industrial Design
Trending Forecasting
Website Design
Marketing Collateral & Print
Package Design
Environmental Design
Point of Purchase
Soft Goods Cut & Sew
Sourcing & Manufacturing
Photography & Post-Production
Color, Material & Finish Detailing
Photo Retouching

For the past decade I have been working in the sporting goods industry, designing and developing new and innovative products for the world to enjoy. As part of my work experience, I also oversee the entire process of creating a wide variety of products, from the concept stages to manufacturing the final products. My experience has made me very knowledgeable with the application of different techniques to new ideas and future products.

Some of the most current new products that I have helped develop in the past few years for the water sports industry are carbon fiber speed skin, silicone coated main line ropes and a fabric material called Softshell which can only be found on HO Sports towable inflatable tubes. My passion is to stretch the boundaries of design and materials giving birth to new innovative ideas to create beautiful yet functional products for consumers.

H.O. Sports
Carbon Fiber Speed Skin
Hyperlite Wakeboards
Silicone Coated Main line rope
H.O. Sports
Softshell Inflatable Tube Fabric

Photography is another passion I have when I am not creating new art or designing a new product. I am usually behind the lens shooting and capturing different moment in time and images that tell a story, or creating and staging impactful images for marketing campaigns. I have been a photographer for more than a decade, shooting a variety of subjects from action, product to lifestyle. I am always striving to go beyond what it takes to get the perfect shot, even if it means floating in gator and snake infested waters.


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